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The Death of a Hair Dryer

By Linda Wescott

I don’t even remember how that hair dryer came to live with me. Perhaps it was already there when I moved into that church manse, or perhaps it was left by some summer workgroup youth.

But that’s how it was back there in that Alaskan village. I accumulated things here and there, acquired furniture people didn't need or left behind, and did my best clothes shopping at our church rummage sales, sometimes getting compliments years later on one of my 25-cent purchases. And with only a few appliances on hand in the back of our little grocery store, some of my best-loved purchases were found at those rummage sales, like my little one-legged coffee pot that sat on a bottle cap (instead of the four rubber pegs it was born with).

But I have to admit that plug-in things are at risk around me, though most appliances (even crippled ones) last longer for me than printers, which don't seem to like me. But the hair dryer and I had been getting along fine ... until that fateful day. And I'm afraid I have to take full responsibility for that poor thing’s demise.  

I can still remember the gruesome scene. I was peacefully drying my hair when the dryer suddenly flipped out of my hand, went flinging though the air, and crashed its long blower nose against the corner of the sink with a hard crack!  And then I heard the worst high-pitched, blood-curdling scream that I’ve ever heard, coming out of that appliance! I kid you not. And a moment later, it puffed out some smoke and died. And I stood there speechless ... feeling like a murderer.  And then I had to laugh.  

Yes, I’ve had my share of bad experiences with things that plug into wall sockets along with clumsy lap-tops that slide off of tables and those temperamental printers. But at least they have given me some good stories to help make a point with once in awhile, and I have to admit I’ve been itching to tell my hair dryer murder story.

So what’s my point this time? It’s about perspective.

It’s occurred to me that if my worst frustrations in life involve inhuman devices that don’t cooperate with me or sometimes suffer a sad fate in my hands, then life can’t be too bad. And when I put things into further perspective by remembering all the blessings that God fills my life with every day, I know that all in all, life is very good indeed!