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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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An Online Magazine

My Father & the Zulu Warrior Comming in Hot The Long Road Home The Lion of Hell’s Gate Canyon The Spy Who Came To Dinner Connectedness and Connectivity Situated Lessons Learned on Course Blind Ambition My Cousin Beeps Compassion and Rape Will the real Grandma please stand up Flavors 4 Flavors 5 Flavor 6 - Peppermint
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Short Stories

This online magazine seeks to support Rim Country Writers, Artist, Photographers, Musicians and Journalist, free of charge, by giving them a worldwide audience (21 counties to date) to enjoy their works.  We also try to promote their products which they have for sale.  

We believe by promoting the arts we help make this a better, more enjoyable, place to live.  


Submission Guidelines


We have gotten so many wonderful stories from our writers that we now are going to be putting some of them into our archive page. If you don’t see the story you want to read go to the Archive Page Coming Soon.

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