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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Plenty of Bread at the Table

By Linda Wescott

(A story based on an experience shared with me)

One day a mother and daughter were on their way to the community food bank housed in their church. They had just finished their regular job of picking up food donated by local grocery stores, and their car was full of food items.

It seems that on this one particular day, there had been a lot of bread amongst the various items collected. And in inspecting the loaves, they had noticed that a couple of those loaves had a bit of mold on them and had set them aside before heading to the church.

But because it was such a beautiful day, they had stopped about a block from the church at a park where Canadian Geese and other water fowl had made their home, enjoying the pond and grassy areas alongside the walk ways. The two women sat in the car, enjoying the view. And then the daughter remembered that bread.

She took the bread, those two loaves set aside, got out of her car, and began to unwrap the loaves. And waddling over toward her came a whole congregation of Canadian Geese. She took the 2 loaves and tore them in half, and mashed them into little pieces. And she began to throw them out in handfuls to the geese as her mother watched from the car.

Then along came mallard ducks -- and finally coots -- all gathered around her and the bread. And suddenly she heard herself saying, "There's enough for everybody!  Plenty of bread at the Lord's Table. Everyone is welcomed at the Lord's Table!"  And she felt a sense of Joy!

Soon a  congregation had gathered -- all water fowl, but different in their uniqueness. Different colors, different voices, different sizes --- some more aggressive than others, some timid. But they all came, they came together -- and there was enough for everybody!

Where had these words suddenly come from? Yes, she knew that these were geese and ducks, though creatures of God, not human beings at the Lord's Table. But had God not prepared a feast for his creatures that day?

And I can't help but think that God "looked down" upon that joyful scene  --  and smiled.