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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Little Distractions

By Linda Wescott

 Mother Robin was at it again. And I don't know who was more startled ... that bird or I! It was already quite late when I noticed my car, still sitting outside in the dark, and that I needed to put it to bed for the night. So I headed down the steps to my front door for a quick trip to the garage, opened the door to the outside porch and was greeted with a loud squawk and the flapping of wings!  Ms. Robin, who had the previous week left a mess of twigs right outside my door, had already given away her secret. She had come back again to this well-protected spot in the rafters of my porch roof, and had already done some remodeling. And last year's nest had become a tworoom apartment hard to miss. But I hadn't expected her late-night greeting! As safe as she must have felt right outside my door, she would remain convinced that I was a threat that could be easily distracted. So whenever I opened that door she would zoom off to a tree branch across the driveway, leaving the nest alone, as if that little distraction would make me forget about the eggs she must have been tending to there. It was her nature to react like this. And I had no words that she could understand, to assure her that I would never hurt her eggs or her babies. So even beyond the days when I heard loud chirping and I looked up to see tiny heads in the nest, the theatrics continued. And though I wasn't surprised by her squawking, I suppose she thought she had me fooled. She reminds me of us, when our human nature gets in the way of our really trusting God, and we squawk and zoom off in another direction. (Well, maybe not squawk.) But God is neither startled nor surprised. Though we may succeed in distracting our own selves from what's really going on in our lives, God has known from the beginning who we are and what we are up to. And He is not fooled by our theatrics. But our loving God, who cares about little creatures like Mother Robin and her chicks, certainly cares about us human creatures, too.  And as I only wanted what was best for those little creatures under my protection, though they might not have understood that -- rest assured that God wants what's best for us human creatures, even during those times when we find that hard to understand and believe. So when you feel His Presence, don't be wary or afraid. Trust Him ... and don't fly away.